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A Swag Full of Instruments visits Noah's Ark - Noah's Ark

A Swag Full of Instruments visits Noah’s Ark

A swag full of instruments visited all our children at Noah’s Ark today.
The children had a wonderful time experiencing music played on all different kinds of  instruments. Greg the musician introduced the children to a lot of different instruments from all around the world. A Bodhrain from Ireland, an Oud from the Middle East, a Mandolin from  Italy and a Hammer Dulcimer from China to name a few of the instruments. 
The children clapped, sang and danced along to the music played by Greg.
What a good extension to some children’s interest in musical instruments being played softly and loudly a few weeks ago.
Thank you to ‘A swag full of instruments’ for a musical and fun morning.



To find our more about Swag Full of Instruments follow the link below: