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The Radiant Rainbows and their June adventures - Noah's Ark

The Radiant Rainbows and their June adventures

The Radiant Rainbows and their June adventures 

As the children’s interest in farms continued this month we enjoyed a great visit to the farm at Berkeley Vale High School.

 Across the month we have learnt about reducing, reusing and recycling rubbish.  The children all understand how this effects the environment and  following from this interest we had a visit from Remondis and the Recycle Truck!

Throughout June we have explored our senses.  This came about from children enjoying the sensation of touching wet sand and mud.  We touched a variety of gooey mixtures.  

We then moved on to the sense of smell and explored lots of herbs and flowers from our garden as well as coffee and spices.  

Next we moved onto the sense of sound by listening to a variety of everyday and unusual sounds. On top of this we made our own sounds with instruments.  

The sense of sight followed. We investigated this sense by exploring shadows and using a kaleidoscope.  

We moved on to the sense of taste which was greatly enjoyed by everyone.  Hummus, pomegranate, lemon, vinegar, salt and honey were just a few of the things we tried.

Outside the children built a giant race track for the bikes, this was completed with signs, traffic lights and a tunnel.  This extended on from the children building racing cars from the waffle blocks!

We have continued to enjoy visits to Nareen Gardens where the children and adults interact so beautifully.

John continues to come in in fortnightly to teach the children sign language.  The children love learning new words and songs.
We have continued to enjoy stories from the Bible including The birth of Jesus, Jesus was baptised and Jesus is tempted in the desert.

A very busy month, full of learning and fun!

Photo’s of the month: