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Learning Through Play- Making Mud Pies - Noah's Ark

Learning Through Play- Making Mud Pies

Learning Through Play- Making Mud Pies


It is so important to encourage children to explore their natural environment, to allow them to get messy and play freely. Learning through play encourages children to become explorers, investigators, scientist and most importantly to allow them to be who ever they want to be! 


“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about” 

Jean Piaget


Today our friends in the Star room enjoyed the much needed sunshine as they explored our awesome mud pit. The children got down and dirty as they made delicious mud pies. The smiles on the children’s faces showed everyone how much the were enjoying this experience. They were covered from head to toe in mud and they absolutely loved every minute of it. 

By allowing  children to  explore the mud pit not only are we allowing them to have fun, we are encouraging them to learn! 


Quotes from families: 

“I LOVE this!  this makes me so happy to see the kids exploring like they should be! where else can you go, get completely messy in the mud, have the best fun and not get into trouble?! Love our awesome preschool and their amazing staff. “



“Love it, kids being kids”


We are very blessed here at Noah’s Ark Care and Learning Centre to have these wonderful areas to allow children to explore and learn everyday!