Noah’s Ark Church Service

For the past month the children have been practicing every day for the Noah’s Ark Church Service. Parents were saying that the children would be going home singing all of the songs so it was wonderful to see such a wonderful outcome on Sunday. 

The children jumped up on stage and sung all the songs with such confidence! 

A huge thank you to all of the families who came along to watch this beautiful performance.

Another thank you to Berkeley Vale Church of Christ and all of your wonderful volunteers who hosted the preschool.

Last but not least a massive thank you to the beautiful children of Noah’s Ark,  you each performed the songs beautifully! 

For more information about Berkeley Vale Church of Christ visit:


Supporting The Leukaemia Foundation

This week at Noah’s Ark, all of our children from the Star and Rainbow Room participating in Funky Hair week by supporting the Leukaemia Foundation!

The children all had their hair created in such funky ways! A huge thank you to all the families who got involved and another huge thank you to Miss Beccy, Miss Kate and Miss Katrina, who knew that we had our very own Funky hair stylists at Noah’s Ark?! 

The educators were able to sit down with the children and explain why we are participating and supporting Funky Hair Week. The children showed that they enjoyed supporting this community event by showing a willingness to participate in making their hair ‘funky’. The children are showing that they are connecting with and contributing to the world around them. Being one of the 150,000 people involved in Funky hair week was a wonderful feeling!  

Together we raised $43.70! This donation will go towards helping the Leukaemia Foundation give Australian families the emotional and practical support they need to beat blood cancer and fund vital research so more people survive leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders.

I want to thank all the families for your gold coin donation! Every donation counts. 

Want to get involved in Funky Hair Week? 

 If you would like to donate to the Leukaemia Foundation,  click on the link below and follow the instructions.  

Support the Leukaemia Foundation 

Photo of two young children with crazy hair

Young man with crazy hair

A photo of a young lady with really crazy coloured hair






Cleaning up Australia Day 2017

Clean Up Australia Day!

Today we ventured out into the community to clean up Kurraba Oval.

The children had a fantastic time understanding and respecting our land that God has given us.

During this experience our Noah’s Ark friends achieved many outcomes shown in the Early Years Learning Framework, especially Outcome 2- Children are connected with and contribute to their world.

Great job Rainbows and Stars


Our First Week Back At Noah’s Ark!

Welcome back Rainbows, Stars and all of our wonderful families to Noah’s Ark.

What an exciting first week back everyone has had exploring our new and improved outdoor environment.

It has been wonderful seeing beautiful interactions shared about the amazing holidays that were had between the Educators and the Children.  

I am very excited for the wonderful year ahead and look forward to seeing what our amazing God has installed. 

God Bless, 




Welcome to 2017

We are so excited to see what God has planned for Noah’s Ark in 2017. We will have all our content on our website updated with up-to-date photographs of our families and friends.