Operation Christmas Child

This year Noah’s Ark will be participating in Operation Christmas Child!

Our families and members from the community will be donating shoeboxes filled with gifts to children in need all around the world. This is a fantastic opportunity  to share the good news of Gospel and teach our children about giving! Below is a short 30 second video explaining Operation Christmas Child.  

Noah’s Ark will be teaming up with Coast Community Church for this outreach. Our last day to drop off the Christmas shoeboxes will be on the 26th October because we want to make sure all the children receive their presents by Christmas! 

You can fill your shoeboxes with simple gifts, it could be something to wear, something to play with, something of school, something to love or something for personal hygiene.  If you are having trouble with ideas on what to fill the shoebox with watch the video below. 


If this is something that you are interested in being apart of please contact us using the details below because we will be able to give you a starter pack.  

Contact Details:

Address: 56 Clare Crescent, Berkeley Vale, 2261. 

Email: admin@noahsark.com.au 

Phone: (02) 4388 2002 

To donate online to Operation Christmas Child, follow the link below: 





Our Visit to the Local Nursing Home

The Rainbow children at Noah’s Ark have loved visiting the local nursing home in our Community. Once a month on a Tuesday the Rainbow children set off on an adventure in our Noah’s Ark bus.  I absolutely love hearing all about the Rainbow’s adventurers.

This week the children interacted so beautifully with the elderly. They treated everyone with respect and care as they played a variety of games and completed lovely crafts together.

Our visits  to the nursing home is such a wonderful way to connect with our local community. We love having the opportunity for the children to step out into the community and see beyond the preschools walls.

Watching the children form friendships with each of the residents and carers is lovely. We are so proud that our children are demonstrating all of our values here at Noah’s Ark. 

We look forward to continue our trips to the nursing home, the children can not wait until there next visit!  

Family Testimonies about our nursing home visits: 

“Thank you for giving our children this fabulous opportunity. Such beautiful interactions ❤️”

” Oh my Gosh,  I couldn’t love this idea more. Just beautiful” 

” Beautiful idea” 


nursing home

A Swag Full of Instruments visits Noah’s Ark

A swag full of instruments visited all our children at Noah’s Ark today.
The children had a wonderful time experiencing music played on all different kinds of  instruments. Greg the musician introduced the children to a lot of different instruments from all around the world. A Bodhrain from Ireland, an Oud from the Middle East, a Mandolin from  Italy and a Hammer Dulcimer from China to name a few of the instruments. 
The children clapped, sang and danced along to the music played by Greg.
What a good extension to some children’s interest in musical instruments being played softly and loudly a few weeks ago.
Thank you to ‘A swag full of instruments’ for a musical and fun morning.



To find our more about Swag Full of Instruments follow the link below: 





Our Visit to the Australian Reptile Park

Thursday 1st March, 2018 

On this wonderful day the Rainbow children took a very special trip to the Australian Reptile Park. This was an extension to their interest in Australian animals at the start of the year.

What an amazing adventure our friends had!
The children got to meet Elvis the crocodile, a platypus, an echidna, a wombat, some dingos that howled a few times during our visit, two large Galapagos tortoises, Tasmanian devils, emus, koalas, alligators and we fed the kangaroos.
The children enjoyed watching a wolf spider being milked,  a walk around the spider world, another walk around the lost world of reptiles and tiptoed quietly in frog hollow.
The children absolutely loved watching the reptile show! The children were able to stroke snakes, baby alligators and even baby crocodile!

The children enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch, surrounded by Australian birds, some cheeky birds even tried to steal out lunches! During this picnic there were lots of discussions about the things that the children enjoyed most and the things that they have learnt. It was so wonderful to see the children reflect on their experience and able to communicate it, not only to the educators but to all the children! 
We finished the visit with a play at the park 

We had a very exciting day. On behalf of everyone here at Noah’s Ark we would like to say a huge thank you to the Australian Reptile Park for having us! 




The Radiant Rainbows and their June adventures

The Radiant Rainbows and their June adventures 

As the children’s interest in farms continued this month we enjoyed a great visit to the farm at Berkeley Vale High School.

 Across the month we have learnt about reducing, reusing and recycling rubbish.  The children all understand how this effects the environment and  following from this interest we had a visit from Remondis and the Recycle Truck!

Throughout June we have explored our senses.  This came about from children enjoying the sensation of touching wet sand and mud.  We touched a variety of gooey mixtures.  

We then moved on to the sense of smell and explored lots of herbs and flowers from our garden as well as coffee and spices.  

Next we moved onto the sense of sound by listening to a variety of everyday and unusual sounds. On top of this we made our own sounds with instruments.  

The sense of sight followed. We investigated this sense by exploring shadows and using a kaleidoscope.  

We moved on to the sense of taste which was greatly enjoyed by everyone.  Hummus, pomegranate, lemon, vinegar, salt and honey were just a few of the things we tried.

Outside the children built a giant race track for the bikes, this was completed with signs, traffic lights and a tunnel.  This extended on from the children building racing cars from the waffle blocks!

We have continued to enjoy visits to Nareen Gardens where the children and adults interact so beautifully.

John continues to come in in fortnightly to teach the children sign language.  The children love learning new words and songs.
We have continued to enjoy stories from the Bible including The birth of Jesus, Jesus was baptised and Jesus is tempted in the desert.

A very busy month, full of learning and fun!

Photo’s of the month: 


The amazing Star Room and their June adventures

The amazing Star Room and their June adventures!


Over the last month in the Star Room the children have been having a wonderful time playing with bubbles and learning how to blow bubbles.  

We have kept busy and very messy in the mud. It has been so wonderful to see the children having the best time making mud pies and digging.

Inside the Star room the cooking set up in dramatic play has been a huge success.  The children have been pretending to make coffee and all sorts of yummy meals.  This led onto a visit to Cafe 5000 and we all enjoyed a hot chocolate and some yummy biscuits. Visit http://www.bvcoc.com.au/ for more information about Cafe 5000. 

Friendships have blossomed this month and it has been wonderful watching the children learn how to share and take turns. 

Photo’s of the Month:


Noah’s Ark Church Service

For the past month the children have been practicing every day for the Noah’s Ark Church Service. Parents were saying that the children would be going home singing all of the songs so it was wonderful to see such a wonderful outcome on Sunday. 

The children jumped up on stage and sung all the songs with such confidence! 

A huge thank you to all of the families who came along to watch this beautiful performance.

Another thank you to Berkeley Vale Church of Christ and all of your wonderful volunteers who hosted the preschool.

Last but not least a massive thank you to the beautiful children of Noah’s Ark,  you each performed the songs beautifully! 

For more information about Berkeley Vale Church of Christ visit: 



Learning Through Play- Making Mud Pies

Learning Through Play- Making Mud Pies


It is so important to encourage children to explore their natural environment, to allow them to get messy and play freely. Learning through play encourages children to become explorers, investigators, scientist and most importantly to allow them to be who ever they want to be! 


“Play is the answer to how anything new comes about” 

Jean Piaget


Today our friends in the Star room enjoyed the much needed sunshine as they explored our awesome mud pit. The children got down and dirty as they made delicious mud pies. The smiles on the children’s faces showed everyone how much the were enjoying this experience. They were covered from head to toe in mud and they absolutely loved every minute of it. 

By allowing  children to  explore the mud pit not only are we allowing them to have fun, we are encouraging them to learn! 


Quotes from families: 

“I LOVE this!  this makes me so happy to see the kids exploring like they should be! where else can you go, get completely messy in the mud, have the best fun and not get into trouble?! Love our awesome preschool and their amazing staff. “



“Love it, kids being kids”


We are very blessed here at Noah’s Ark Care and Learning Centre to have these wonderful areas to allow children to explore and learn everyday! 


Supporting The Leukaemia Foundation

This week at Noah’s Ark, all of our children from the Star and Rainbow Room participating in Funky Hair week by supporting the Leukaemia Foundation!

The children all had their hair created in such funky ways! A huge thank you to all the families who got involved and another huge thank you to Miss Beccy, Miss Kate and Miss Katrina, who knew that we had our very own Funky hair stylists at Noah’s Ark?! 

The educators were able to sit down with the children and explain why we are participating and supporting Funky Hair Week. The children showed that they enjoyed supporting this community event by showing a willingness to participate in making their hair ‘funky’. The children are showing that they are connecting with and contributing to the world around them. Being one of the 150,000 people involved in Funky hair week was a wonderful feeling!  

Together we raised $43.70! This donation will go towards helping the Leukaemia Foundation give Australian families the emotional and practical support they need to beat blood cancer and fund vital research so more people survive leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders.

I want to thank all the families for your gold coin donation! Every donation counts. 

Want to get involved in Funky Hair Week? 

 If you would like to donate to the Leukaemia Foundation,  click on the link below and follow the instructions.  

Support the Leukaemia Foundation 

Photo of two young children with crazy hair

Young man with crazy hair

A photo of a young lady with really crazy coloured hair






“We’re going on a bear hunt”

We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one, what a beautiful day! We’re not scared. Oh-no thick oozy mud. We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we’ve got to go through it!!! Squelch squelch. Next the children went through ‘A big dark forest’, then through ‘Long wavy grass’, next came ‘a dark swamp’ which lead us to ‘A narrow gloomy cave’, the children crawled through a tunnel and saw ‘one shiny wet nose’, ‘two big furry ears’, ‘two big goggly eyes’ ‘It’s a bear’!!! Luckily the bear was friendly and even had some bear shaped biscuits for us to eat!!! What a lovely adventure which follows from one of our friends  favourite story shared that he shared in his ‘All about me box’.