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Our Room Routines - Noah's Ark

Our Room Routines

Daily Program/ Rainbow Room


7:30           Combined activities in Rainbow Room

8:00           Outdoor Activities

9:45           Welcome group time, story/ Transition to rooms

10:10         Inside morning group time

10:30         Staggered Morning Tea/School Readiness activities                   

11:30         Small Groups, story, activity time

12:00         Gross Motor activities outdoors          

12:30         Lunch

1:00           Quiet time/Relaxation/News/Pals Program          

1:45           Transition to free play activities/Project work

2:30           Tidy room, Transition to Music/movement/drama group time

3:00           Fruit time/ Prepare to transition to outside 

3:20           Outdoor Activities

4:30           Tidy up/Transition to combined Indoor Activities in Rainbow room  

5:30           Home Time        


Daily Program/ Star Room


7.30            Combined activities in Rainbow Room

8.00            Outdoor Activities

9.45            Welcome group time, story/Transition to rooms

10:10         Inside Morning Tea–Fruit offered/Nappy change

10.30         Music/movement/drama group time

10:45         Transition to Free play activities

11.30         Small Group time–Children divide into two

                   groups for language experiences etc.

12:00         Lunch

12.30         Rest time/Nappy change

1.30            Quiet indoor activities at tables for non-sleepers/

                   beds away/dressed  

2.30            Tidy up/Story Time

3:00           Shared Fruit Time/Nappy change                 

3.20            Outdoor Activities              

4.30            Tidy up/Transition to combined Indoor Activities

                  in Rainbow room/Nappy check

5.30            Home Time