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Our Families - Noah's Ark

Our Families

Families are an important and essential part of the community within Noah’s Ark. As a church based non profit centre, we are managed by a committee comprising of church members and parents who have children enrolled at Noah’s Ark.

Families are actively encouraged to visit and to participate in the daily life and program at Noah’s. Children’s learning is enriched when families share their culture, careers, family practices, beliefs and home lives.

Staff work closely and collaboratively with all families and children. They are available for informal chats on a daily basis, for formal meetings whenever required and for parent-teacher interviews each year. Daily written evaluations and children’s portfolios are other methods of communicating with families about their child’s development and progress.

There are opportunities for families to participate in social events, fundraising, as volunteers, working bees, and special events within the daily program. Families of enrolled children are welcome to visit Noah’s at any time.