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About Us - Noah's Ark

About Us

Noah’s Ark Care and Learning Centre is a Christian Centre that aims to meet the needs of families and the community by providing a safe, happy and nurturing environment, appropriate for the children and their families. Noah’s Ark Care and Learning Centre aims to actively promote the care and education of children by working with families to extend the skills, knowledge and attitudes of children, and encourage them to become secure and confident in the knowledge of God’s Love.

 Noah’s Ark Care and Learning Centre actively supports the teachings of the bible and encourages our families and children to foster a Christian ethos. We believe every child is a precious gift from God, created in His image, each with their own unique interests, learning style, and culture.

At Noah’s Ark Care and Learning Centre we aim to:


  • use biblical values and teachings as the foundation of our Christian learning centre.
  • provide the children with a “play based” learning environment which fosters a sense of “Belonging, Being and Becoming”. We will undertake this by providing an environment giving the child time, space and opportunity to interact in a meaningful way, construct new ideas and link them to existing knowledge.
  • implement the Early Years Learning Framework to promote self-confidence, independence and pro-social behaviour, so that our children become confident and involved learners, through socialisation, encouragement and scaffolding.
  • build respectful and reciprocal partnerships between staff, families, Berkeley Vale Church of Christ and the community through open ended communication and participation in centre activities and Community projects. Opportunities will be provided for children to recognise that they are an individual, part of a family and part of the community. We encourage children, staff, family and community to be actively involved in the life of Noah’s Ark.
  • value parents/carers as the first and most important educators of their children. We encourage family feedback and will use this information to develop our early learning programmes.
  • value each and every staff member as part of a cohesive working team, collaborating effectively to support each other.
  • foster a sense of environmental and community awareness and responsibility by promoting sustainability through

Recycling of materials
Planting gardens and trees
Developing and maintaining compost systems
Developing and maintaining a worm farm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

  • educate families to assist children to lead healthy lifestyles and make healthy choices
  • promote a culture of equality regardless of race, ability, religion, gender, cultural beliefs and background. All children and families are welcome and their religion, cultural belief and background is accepted and respected in our centre